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Intelligent Sensing Laboratory (ISL) is the leading Canadian research laboratory with focus on development of materials, devices, systems, and methods for various sensing applications. We conduct experimental research on the development of solutions based on the integration of nanomaterials, micromechanical, and microelectronic devices. We then employ advanced sensor signal processing algorithms, such as sensor fusion and machine learning, to enhance the performance of our systems. Much of our research is carried in collaboration with industrial partners from automotive, defense, and telecommunication sectors.

Please see the "Opportunities" section for current graduate student openings.



June 2018: Carrie published a paper on developing a capacitive proximity detection circuit in IEEE Sensors Journal.

May 2018: Atabak published his work on developing a decoupled nonlinear resonatror in IEEE Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems.

January 2018: Misha has joined the ISL team as a post-doctoral researcher to develop nanodevices.

January 2018: Paper by Shirin et al published in IEEE Sensors Journal on ultra-sensitive accelerometers.

October 2017: Paper by Atabak on nonlinearities in resonators is published in IEEE Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems.

September 2017:  ISL welcomes Ashish and Erfan to our group.

August 2017: Siamack has published his work on using amorphous germanium for IR detection in Sensors and Actuators A.

July 2017: A paper is published in IEEE Sensors Journal on the development of high-performance vibration sensors by Bahareh and Soheil.

May 2017: Hamid has joined the  ISL group to develop high performance accelerometers.

February 2017:  ISL Team will present 3 papers at the 2017 Transducers Conference in Taiwan.

October 2016: A paper by Mahnaz and Ibrahim El-Chami on incorporating MoO3 nanoparticles into nanofibres is accepted for publication in Journal of Materials & Design.

September 2016: Amin's work on using piezojunction effect for microresonator applications is to be published in IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices.

September 2016:  ISL team welcomes Abbin and Vincent to our team. Abbin will work on new detection techniques for nano-resonators while Vincent will focus on signal processing for light sensors.

August 2016: We have just published a comprehensive review paper on design and applications of resonant microdevices in Journal Micromachines.

August 2016:  ISL team will present 5 papers at the 2016 IEEE Sensors conference in Orlando, USA.

July 2016: Ibrahim El-Chami and Oberon Dixon-Luinenburg published a paper on the application of 1D and 2D carbon nanoparticles for bolometric detection in AIP Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B.

March 2016: Mona has published a portion of her research on design of circuits for capacitive microsensors in IET Journal of Circuits, Devices & Systems.

February 2016: Congratulations to Amin for receiving the competitive NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship.

February 2016: Sadegh and Amin published a paper on improving sensitivity of resonant sensor systems through strong mechanical coupling in IEEE Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems.