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News and updates

Jan 2023: Erfan will present his novel solution on improving the sensitivity of resonant sensors at MEMS 2023 conference in Germany.

Jan 2023: Anahita has joined our team at ISL. She will continue our work on developing physical computers for different applications.

Sep 2022: ISL welcoms Ashudeep to our team. She will develop methods to improve the performance of silicon micromachined resonators.

Sep 2022: Bhargav just published his research results on improving the performance of nonlinear vibratory gyroscopes in Sensors.

July 2022: Check Vahideh's paper on neuromorphic computing using off-the-shelf components in Advanced Materials Technologies.

June 2022: Vahideh's tutorial paper on using Machine Learning techniques in sensing applications just published in IEEE Sensors Journal. Check it out to get started in the field.

Mar 2022: Zayed defended his MASc thesis on developing methods for the control of high-Q micromachined devices.

Feb 2022: Charles defended his MASc thesis on building an embedded system for identification, operation, and control of micromachined systems.

Oct 2021: Fatemeh and Mohammadreza have joined the ISL team with a focos to develop novel sensing solutions for mineral exploration.

Sep 2021: ISL welcomes Peyman and Milad who have joined us to develop miniaturized gravimeters for studying the subsurface structure of the moon.

Sep 2021: Vahideh just published a tutorial paper on using manchine learning algorithms in sensing applications in IEEE Sensors Journal.

Auguest 2021: In collaborations with local companies and with support from Mitacs, our team will be developing solutions to see through earth for sustainable mining solutions.

July 2021: We are going to the moon! Well, it is our devices that will be sent to the moon for the study of the Lunar subsurface. Thank you to the Canadian Space Agency for their support. Read more about this ambitious project here, here, or here.

June 2021: We are very excited to share the results of our research on developing micro/nano-devices based on silicon depletion region actuators through a recent publication in Nano Energy which describes. Congratulations to Mikhail for leading the experimental work to develop these self-powered actuators!

June 2021: Congratulations to Bhargav for the successful defense of his PhD thesis on nonlinear gyroscopes.

June 2021: We will be presenting three papers by Mikhail, Vahideh, and Bhargav in the 21st International Conference on Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems, Transducers ’21.

April 2021: If you want to use synchronous demodulation more effectively, check out Erfan's paper in IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Magazine.

November 2020: Mikhail just led the publication of our findings on a new methods to produce yarns of sensitive nanofibers for Smart Textiles applications in ACS Applied Polymer Materials.

June 2020: Big thank you to the Canada Foundation for Innovation and BC Knowledge Development Fund for their support for adding critical research tools to our lab that include high-performance lock-in amplifier, semconductor parameter analyzer, and a miniature vacuum probe station. 

April 2020: Congratulations to Atabak and Soheil for winning the Best Paper Award of the 2020 IEEE Sensors Applications Symposium.

Mar 2020: Misha and Abbin's work on using the Piezo-Avalanche effect for sensing applications has been published in IEEE JMEMS.

November 2019: We are saying goodbye to Ashish who successfully defended his MASc thesis and will join General Motors.

October 2019: Great work by Misha and Abbin to demonstrate the first use of depletion region actuators for off-resonance mechanical actuation in Nature Scientific Reports.

October 2019: We will be at the IEEE Sensors conference, presenting our research on smart textile (Misha), vector light sensor (Ashish and Vincent), and nonlinear gyros (Bhargav and Atabak).

September 2019: ISL welcomes Vahideh who joined us as a PhD student. She will aim to make the materials and devices around us cognitive.

September 2019: Congratulations to Fan for publishing her work on improving the accuracy of capacitive proximity sensors in Journal of Sensors.

June 2019: Congratulations to Atabak and Soheil for publishing their work on reporting the first design for an angular rate sensor utilising internal resonance in Nature Scientific Reports.

May 2019: Congratulations to Abbin and Misha for publishing their work on the first use of breakdown voltage for strain sensing for MEMS in Applied Physics Letters.

January 2019: ISL welcomes Emad and Charles who will start their research on developing the next generation of highest performance MEMS devices

November 2018: Fan just defended her PhD thesis and has been immediately hired by Synopsis. Her calm presence will be missed and we wish her all the best in the next phase.

September 2018: Zayed has joined the ISL team and will work with other team members to make the accelerometers developed in our team even better.

August 2018: Atabak published his work on developing a decoupled nonlinear resonatror in IEEE Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems.

June 2018: Fan just published a paper on developing a capacitive proximity detection circuit in IEEE Sensors Journal. In this work, she demonstrates how a relatively simple setup can be coupled with smart signal processing to learn more about our environment.

May 2018: Atabak published his work on developing a decoupled nonlinear resonatror in IEEE Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems.

February 2018: After developing several fabrication processes, desiging numerous devices, and demonstrating some of the highest reported performances for MEMS accelerometers, Fatemeh has graduated with a PhD degree from our team. She was always available to help team mates and will be missed.

January 2018: Misha has joined the ISL team as a post-doctoral researcher to develop nanodevices.

January 2018: Paper by Fatemeh et al published in IEEE Sensors Journal on ultra-sensitive accelerometers.

October 2017: Paper by Atabak on nonlinearities in resonators is published in IEEE Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems.

September 2017:  ISL welcomes Ashish and Erfan to our group.

August 2017: Siamack has published his work on using amorphous germanium for IR detection in Sensors and Actuators A.

July 2017: A paper is published in IEEE Sensors Journal on the development of high-performance vibration sensors by Bahareh and Soheil.

May 2017: Hamid has joined the ISL group to develop high performance accelerometers.

February 2017:  ISL Team will present 3 papers at the 2017 Transducers Conference in Taiwan.